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Facebook social data modeling with Scala, HBase, and HPaste
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Facebook social data modeling with Scala, HBase, and HPaste.

Includes accessing the Facebook Graph API in Scala via Dispatch and Lift JSON, and using HPaste to access HBase and define MapReduce jobs.

Slides at


Visit . Click "Get Access Token". Select the following permissions:

  • User Data Permissions
    • user_groups
    • user_likes
  • Friends Data Permissions
    • friends_groups
    • friends_likes

Click "Get Access Token", then "Allow". Copy and paste the Access Token. In your console, run:

export FACEBOOK_ACCESS_TOKEN=<your access token>

Download Cloudera's HBase distribution (CDH4 Beta 2) at

Unarchive the file and run

sleep 5
bin/hbase shell
hbase> create 'person', 'info', 'like'

To load your Facebook data, run


Two MapReduce calculations are included: "friend likes" and "top likes". To execute these, run

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