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The wlanalyzer project contains two tools:
- wldumper - this tool is a proxy between a wayland client and the compositor. It is supposed to dump the wayland IPC traffic between the two.
- wlanalyzer - this is a GUI analyzer that can analyze acquired wayland traffic data either from a pre-recorded file in offline mode
               or in online mode by connecting the wldumper

== BUILD ==

Deps: libev, pugiXML, QT5 (optional for building the analyzer)

wlanalyzer uses the waf build system. Waf is written in python so make sure you have python available on your platform.

To build run:

$ ./waf configure [--prefix=INSTALL_DIR] [-d | --debug] [--analyzer] build

To install under the location given in the prefix option (by default /usr/local/) run:
$ ./waf install

To make the dumper intercept traffic and save it to file:
$ ./wldump -c <path to the wayland.xml protocol definition>  [-e <paths to additional protocol definitions, e.g. xdg-shell>] -- <wayland_client>

You can also run the wldump app run as server and send the acquired data over TCP/IP:
$ ./wldump -n [ port ] -- <wayland_client>

Currently wlanalyzer can only receive data from wldump over network. To run type:
$ ./wlanalyzer -c <wayland.xml path> [ -e <additional protocol definition paths> ] -- <ip:port>