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A fun project of mine to attempt to sync LEDs to certain songs using different techniques.
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This project is under heavy development, not suitable for use beyond tinker at the moment


  • Create an automated system where LEDs can be synced to music
  • This system must have the following requirements...
    • Any arbitrary song can be played
    • Limited user interaction (preferrably all 'client' side)
    • Any song can also be pre-programmed using a set number of sequences
    • Has multiple sequences that can be turned on without the need for music
    • Can map the LEDs in different patterns depending on their physical shape/pattern


  • LED Strip(s) (WS2811)
  • Arduino UNO
    • FastLED
  • Raspberry Pi (3rd gen) (communicating to the arduino through serial)
    • RPi -> Arduino LED protocol
  • Client (the device playing the music) (my MacBook Pro for now)
    • Some sort of sync handshake between the client and raspberry pi

(Current) Limitations

  • Specific hardware dependence
  • Potentially messy standup
  • Songs need to be manually pre-programmed before the system can run through them
  • ...

Issues I've Faced

  • The RPi does not do well playing music in general
    • Headphone jack seems to have very poor output (without any additional shields)
    • Built in music player (omxplayer example.mp3) played music slowly
    • Python specific music player (pygame mixer) output the following errors
      • pygame.error: No available audio device
      • Home directory not accessible: Permission denied
      • I made no progress with either of these issues
      • Albeit, it's likely I've messed with some configuration that caused these issues
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