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Blesta Namesilo module

This module interfaces with Namesilo's domain API to allow domain registrations, transfers and renewals through Blesta.


Extract files to components/modules/namesilo/.

Log on to the Blesta admin dashboard and go to Settings -> Company -> Modules -> Available.

Enable the Namesilo module and go to Manage to enter your Namesilo user ID and API key. Enable or disable sandbox mode to enable or disable module testing.

Email Templates

The module provides the following template tags for use in welcome email templates.

Tag Description
service.auth The EPP code submitted.
service.transfer Value is true for transfers. Will not exist for new registrations
service.domain The domain name being registered or transferred
service.ns1 The first nameserver value submitted on the order form.
service.ns2 The second nameserver value submitted on the order form.
service.ns3 The third nameserver value submitted on the order form.
service.ns4 The fourth nameserver value submitted on the order form.
service.ns5 The fifth nameserver value submitted on the order form. WHOIS Address Line 1
service.ad2 WHOIS Address Line 2
service.ct WHOIS Country WHOIS State/Province WHOIS City
service.zp WHOIS Zip/Postal Code
service.em WHOIS Email
service.fn WHOIS First Name
service.ln WHOIS Last Name
service.cp WHOIS Company WHOIS Phone Number
service.years Years of registration or extension if it's a transfer
package.meta.ns Array of default nameservers configured on the package. This may not match what the customer submitted if they changed it.

Get your Namesilo account here

Blesta Compatibility

Blesta Version Module Version
< v4.9.0 v1.9.0
>= v4.9.0 v1.10.0+
>= v5.0.0 v1.13.0+
>= v5.1.0 v1.14.0+
>= v5.3.0 v1.15.0+




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