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#include <avr/interrupt.h>
#include <avr/sleep.h>
//modified from
int ledPin = 0; // LED connected to digital pin 0
int interruptPin = 4; // LED to show the action of a interrupt
int wakePin = 2; // active LOW, ground this pin momentary to wake up
void setup(){
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // sets the digital pin as output
pinMode(interruptPin, OUTPUT); // sets the digital pin as output
pinMode(wakePin, INPUT); // sets the digital pin as input
digitalWrite(wakePin, HIGH);
void sleepNow(){
set_sleep_mode(SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN); // sleep mode is set here
sleep_enable(); // enables the sleep bit in the mcucr register so sleep is possible
attachInterrupt(0, wakeUpNow, LOW); // use interrupt 0 (pin 2) and run function wakeUpNow when pin 2 gets LOW
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);
sleep_mode(); // here the device is actually put to sleep!!
sleep_disable(); // first thing after waking from sleep: disable sleep...
detachInterrupt(0); // disables interrupton pin 3 so the wakeUpNow code will not be executed during normal running time.
delay(250); // wait 2 sec. so humans can notice the interrupt LED to show the interrupt is handled
digitalWrite (interruptPin, LOW); // turn off the interrupt LED
void wakeUpNow(){ // here the interrupt is handled after wakeup
//execute code here after wake-up before returning to the loop() function
// timers and code using timers (serial.print and more...) will not work here.
digitalWrite(interruptPin, HIGH);
void loop(){
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); // sets the LED on
delay(5000); // waits for a second
sleepNow(); // sleep function called here