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Update the install guide to reflect all of the necessary PHP extensions.

On FreeBSD (and presumably other places) I needed to separately enable a number of other extensions to get ThinkUp to work. This commit just adds those to the list in the doc.
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1 parent d3328a4 commit 4846f888bd3d7e0ee416b867fcbf043ba05612c5 @bleything committed Jul 21, 2012
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@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Prerequisites
- File-system access to a web host, preferably over FTP or SFTP.
-- `PHP 5.2 <>`_ or higher with cURL, GD, JSON, and the PDO MySQL driver enabled.
+- `PHP 5.2 <>`_ or higher with cURL, input filters, GD, HASH, JSON, the PDO MySQL driver, session support, SimpleXML, and XML enabled.
CVi Jul 21, 2012

I'd advocate removing the "the" from "PDO MySQL Driver", it doesn't flow quite right when it i in a list ("and the" worked), but again that's my subjective opinion.
otherwise OK

bleything Jul 24, 2012 owner

I don't think it flows particularly well without the "the". Imagine you had a bowl of coloured candies. It'd be like saying "Take green one" instead of "Take the green one". But that's just my subjective opinion :)

CVi Sep 5, 2012

But that's not what it is here: It's more like "take red, blue, pink, the green one, yellow and white". The "the" is malformed in the middle of a comma separated (grammatical) list. At either end, yes, as the odd one in the middle, not so much.
Also, the color bowl makes no grammatical sense as an example as it is not a list of elements where only one of them has a "the" attached, it is a sentence talking about one specific element. By that logic you'd have to add "the cURL plugin" "the GD plugin" "the JSON library" etc. from before, the "the" in question was located behind the "and", not in the middle of the earlier mentioned comma separated list.

bleything Sep 5, 2012 owner

I'm sorry, but you're simply wrong. Just say it out loud to a native speaker: it's extremely awkward the way you're suggesting.

Regardless, arguing about it is a waste of both our time. Merge it or close the PR.

- `MySQL 5.0.3 <>`_ or higher.
- A publicly available web server. (Twitter authorization requires a public callback URL, so you'll need to expose
non-public servers to the internet for initial authorization; after that, the server no longer needs to be publicly

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