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Ben Bleything's .vim

This repo is my real, daily use .vim. It is based on the work of many others, primarily the crew at Opscode. See the Credits section below for more details.


Pretty straightforward. Clone and symlink:

$ git clone git:// ~/.vim
$ ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc

Optionally, you may want to update the bundles:

$ cd ~/.vim && rake update

What's Inside?!

Also, some plugins:

Aaaaaalso, some syntax definitions:


Mahlon Smith

Responsible for getting me into vi in the first place and providing a ton of support, tips, and tricks over the years. You should go read this blog post he wrote about his vim setup.

Adam Jacob

Upon whose config Joshua and AJ based their tweaks. Available on the git hubs.

Joshua Timberman

Various tweaks to Adam's config, available on the git hubs.

AJ Christensen

Various tweaks to Adam's config, available on the git hubs.

Other Folks

The authors of the plugins and syntax defined above.

Copyright and License

I don't believe in copyrighting configs. However, some of the scripts and plugins and whatnot may be copyrighted; see those files for details.

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