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A Ruby library for interacting with system MIDI services.
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= MIDIator

A Ruby library for interacting with system-level MIDI services.

== Authors

 * Ben Bleything
 * Topher Cyll

== General Information

MIDIator was inspired by Topher Cyll's fantastic Practical Ruby Projects book.
In it, Topher describes how to interact with the MIDI providers in OSX, Linux,
and Windows.  As I was reading the book, I noticed some things I would do
differently, which got me thinking that maybe it would be valuable to package
up my modifications to the book's code and release it as a gem.

Whether it will be valuable to anybody but myself remains to be seen, but I'm
hopeful that someone will find a use for this code.

== License

Distributed under the terms of the BSD license.  See the LICENSE file for
complete text and details.
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