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Parse non-xml plists #7

grosser opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Nope. That's not a plist, just some random file with a plist extension.

@bleything bleything closed this

That was my initial thought too, but I looked around and couldn't find any official spec for json plists. I think maybe it's something that TextMate has done to encode plists in a friendlier format?

If there's a standard, even if it's emerging, I'd be happy to add support for it. I just want documentation so we don't end up implementing something broken.


I thin kits this:

From the look of it its the same content, just another format

@bleything bleything reopened this

Well, just about any data structure can be turned into a plist. My opinion is that if plutil doesn't speak it, we shouldn't support it.

That said... turns out plutil has a json format now. I can't find any docs, but it should be relatively easy to write tests to verify that we're doing the right thing.

Reopening this request.


i tried this:
but it did not read or convert this file, how did you do it ?


$ man plutil



also did not work, maybe its outdated on ubuntu...


Ah, ubuntu. plutil is part of OSX. Can't help you on other platforms.

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