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Python bot that passively posts tweets to an IRC channel
Python Shell
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Want to get the bot to follow a list? Try blha303/Twitter-IRC-lists


  • Passively posts tweets from a twitter account
  • !twitter posts the twitter url associated with a channel
  • !add <#channel> adds a channel association
  • !del <#channel> deletes the channel association
  • Please set the owner var to the nickname of the bot's owner to add channel associations.


  • Get the latest release from here
  • Get Virtualenv
  • Use virtualenv venv -p python2.7
  • Use venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Copy configsample.yml to config.yml
  • Create a new Twitter application at
  • Click on Create Access Token at the bottom of the app summary page and refresh every five seconds until the Access Token comes up
  • Copy the Access Token and Consumer keys (above) into config.yml
  • Change the network/channel/screen_name options
  • Use venv/bin/twistd -y
  • Let me know if there's any problems (or #blha303)
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