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Lightweigt js-library to create interactive videos
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Interactive Videos (iVideo)

Lightweigt js-library to create interactive videos

Working example:


  • jQuery


html structur

      <script type="text/javascript" src="app/interactivevideo.min.js"></script>
      <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="app/interactivevideo.min.css">
      <div id="ivideo_container"></div>


Create new iVideo object by: var iVid = new iVideo(options) Example:

  var iVid = new iVideo({
    "container": "#ivideo_container",
    "json": "app/data.json",
    "fadercolor": "#ffffff",
    "functions": [my_function],
    "ready": function(self) {
      //Callback, when ready


  • container References the DOM-Element (#ivideo_container)
  • json Json object or path to json file
  • fadercolor (optional). Color for fading. Default: #000000
  • functions (optional) If you have defined some function in the json object, you have to tell iVideo the name of these functions
  • read (optional) Callback, when iVideo is ready

Start a chapter"main");


Register with on

  iVid.on("play", function(e) {
    console.log("Video started", e);


  • play. Start of the video
  • function When a function is called

JSON Object

Example. This configuration contains a video played in loop. A click on the middle ball will lead you another video (video_1). A click on the right ball will call the function my_function, which will show an alert box and plays the first video again.

  "chapters": [
      "id": "hauptmenu",
      "src": "media/hauptmenu.mp4",
      "onfinished": "loop",
      "overlays": [
          "position": ["0%", "0%"],
          "dimension": ["100%", "100%"],
          "href": "video_1",
          "hover": "overlay_1.png"
          "position": ["17%", "19%"],
          "dimension": ["24%", "80%"],
          "href": "video_2",
          "hover": "overlay_2.png"
      "id": "video_1",
      "src": "video1.mp4",
      "onfinished": "goto",
      "goto": "hauptmenu"
      "id": "video_2",
      "function": "my_function"


Each new element - video or function - id a chapter. Each chapter needs the following property:

  • id Unique id (or name). Referenced by href and goto

Optional chapter properties

A chapter can have the following properties

  • src path to video file
  • onfinished What should happends after the video ends. Options: loop, goto oder empty
    • loop Play the video again (loop)
    • goto Jump to another chapter. The chapter is defined by property goto
  • goto If onfinish set to goto, jump to this chapter
  • overlays Array. Clickable area on video. See chapter "Overlays"
  • function Calls this function. The function has to be defined on initialization. See functions at the beginning of this file.


An overlay is a clickable area

  • position Array. top, left. Write in percent, otherwise the video will not be responsive!
  • dimension Array. width, height. Write in percent, otherwise the video will not be responsive!
  • href If a chapter should be called after click, add here the id of the chapter
  • hover Image on mouse over. Needs the same dimension as the video
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