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Blightmud : A mud client for the terminal

Blightmud has been a passion project of mine for some time. A big user of the old but great tinyfugue I always wanted to create my own similar mud client. Even though I don't play much muds these days.

The name?

The client is written in rust. Some navigating throught the thesaurus brought me to the word blight and here we are.


  • Completely terminal based (mac and linux)
  • Telnet:
    • TLS connections
    • GMCP support
    • MSDP support
    • MCCP2 support (compress2)
  • Lua scripting:
    • Output and sending
    • Aliases
    • Triggers
    • Timers
    • Customizing status bar
    • Persistent storage
    • Session storage
    • Keybindings
    • Audio playback (music/ambiance and sound effects)
    • Text-To-Speech
    • Mouse scrolling
    • Plugins
    • Sockets (TCP connecting and sending only)
  • Low resource and fast
  • In client help and manuals
  • Native Text-To-Speech functionality (optional compile)
  • Text searching
  • Tab completion
  • Split view when scrolling
  • Screen reader friendly mode




  • Install rust
  • Run cargo build to compile
  • Run cargo run to run

Dependencies include, openssl, alsa-libs and pkg-config

  • Ubuntu apt install pkg-config libopenssl-dev libasound2-dev
  • Arch pacman -S pkgconf alsa-lib openssl

Compile with text-to-speech

  • Install rust
  • Run cargo build --all-features to compile
  • Run cargo run --all-features to run

In order for this to build correctly you will need to install some additional dev dependencies: libclang and libspeechd. Below are some installation commands that might fit your system:

  • Ubuntu apt install libclang-dev libspeechd-dev speech-dispatcher speech-dispatcher-espeak espeak
  • Arch pacman -S speech-dispatcher espeak


  • Ubuntu/Debian : Deb packages can be found on the releases page
  • Archlinux/Manjaro : Packages are available on AUR
  • NixOS/Nix : Packages are available in NixPkgs.
  • Mac/Homebrew : We have a homebrew tap brew tap Blightmud/blightmud (intel only, if you're on Apple Silcon (darwin) compiling is the best option)
  • Cargo : If you have rust installed just run cargo install --git blightmud from your favourite terminal.
  • Other/Alternative : Download source and run cargo install --path . from the project root
  • Windows : No native windows support but Blightmud runs fine under WSL

Support, questions and help

Join our discord


All contributions are welcome. Check out contributing guidelines.

Side notes

This is my first rust project that has actually grown a bit. Some things might look silly but thanks to rust they should still be safe. Anywho. If you find some antipattern where you have a better idea I'm more then happy to se the PR and learn some more rustier ways.