OS-X application for browsing through timetable.dat files created by Bliksemlabs rrrr engine
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Bliksem Labs has put quite some effort in designing a container format which can host public transport schedules dubbed: timetable.dat. The format is binary and uses lossy compression techniques which matches with rrrr, their routing engine. Opposed to text-based formats such as GTFS or NeTEx, it is not easy to review by the human eye. TimetableBrowser is an OS-X application build by First Flamingo Enterprise B.V. for browsing through timetable.dat.

Compiling from source

Create a location where you want to host your files. mkdir TimetableBrowser; cd TimetableBrowser

Checkout this repository: git clone https://github.com/firstflamingo/TimetableBrowser

Checkout the rrrr_cocoa_wrapper: git clone https://github.com/firstflamingo/rrrr_cocoa_wrapper

Checkout the rrrr ansi branch: git clone -b ansi http://github.com/bliksemlabs/rrrr

You can now open TimetableBrowser.xcodeproj in Xcode, and are ready to go.