Mac setup and configuration via Ansible.
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blimmer's Mac Development Ansible Playbook

Build Status

This is a fork of geerlingguy/mac-dev-playbook, customized for my needs.


  1. Install Ansible.
  2. Ensure Apple's command line tools are installed (xcode-select --install to launch the installer).
  3. Clone this repository to your local drive.
  4. Run $ ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml inside this directory to install required Ansible roles.
  5. Run ansible-playbook main.yml -i inventory -K inside this directory. Enter your account password when prompted.

Note: If some Homebrew commands fail, you might need to agree to Xcode's license or fix some other Brew issue. Run brew doctor to see if this is the case.

Testing the Playbook

Many people have asked me if I often wipe my entire workstation and start from scratch just to test changes to the playbook. Nope! Instead, I posted instructions for how I build a Mac OS X VirtualBox VM, on which I can continually run and re-run this playbook to test changes and make sure things work correctly.

Additionally, this project is continuously tested on Travis CI's macOS infrastructure.

Ansible for DevOps

Check out Ansible for DevOps, which teaches you how to automate almost anything with Ansible.

Original Author

Jeff Geerling, 2014 (originally inspired by MWGriffin/ansible-playbooks).