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oh-my-zsh plugin for aws-vault
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oh-my-zsh plugin for aws-vault



This plugin is intended to be used with oh-my-zsh

  1. $ cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins (you may have to create the folder)
  2. $ git clone
  3. In your .zshrc, add zsh-aws-vault to your oh-my-zsh plugins:


  1. add zgen load blimmer/zsh-aws-vault to your '!saved/save' block
  2. zgen update


This plugin is pretty simple - it provides:

  • aliases
  • prompt segment


Alias Expression
av aws-vault
ave aws-vault exec
avl aws-vault login
avll aws-vault login -s
avli aws-vault login in private browsing window
avs aws-vault server
avsh aws-vault exec $1 -- zsh
avp list aws config / role ARNs

Prompt Segment

This prompt segment echos out the current aws-vault profile you're logged into. I use this for adding a segment into my custom agnoster theme.

For instance, this code:

prompt_aws_vault() {
  local vault_segment
  [[ $vault_segment != '' ]] && prompt_segment cyan black "$vault_segment"

Produces this segment in my prompt:

screenshot of agnoster theme with aws-vault segment

Prompt Customization

You can customize the prompt segment behavior by overriding these variables:

Variable Name Default Description
AWS_VAULT_PL_CHAR The character to display when logged into an aws-vault profile
AWS_VAULT_PL_DEFAULT_PROFILE default Only show the character when logged into this profile, not the profile name

avli - login in private browsing window

This alias is currently only supported in OSX.

This alias will open a new browser window after getting the temporary login URL for your profile.

You can specify a specific browser to handle your login URL by setting AWS_VAULT_PL_BROWSER to the bundle name of the browser. By default, it will pick your default URL handler in MacOS. It supports the following browsers:

AWS_VAULT_PL_BROWSER value Browser Description
org.mozilla.firefox Firefox Creates and/or opens a profile with the same name as your aws-vault profile. This allows for multiple profiles to be open simultaneously. Chrome Opens a new private browsing window for the session. This allows for multiple profiles to be open simultaneously.
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