A li'l gallery showin' off KC Green's Pokemon for today!!!
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Your Pokémon for Today

This is a nice little gallery site showing off the rad Your Pokémon for Today illustrations that the rad KC Green has been posting on his Twitter and Tumblrs.

It doesn't really need to exist, and yet it does!!

On the webby end, it uses lightgallery.js for lightboxy stuff.

On the buildy end, it uses GraphicsMagick for Node to generate thumbnails for each illustration, Nunjucks for templating, and gulp (and a whole host of gulp plugins) to rope the whole thing together.

The site itself is available for your browsing pleasure at https://yourpokemonfor.today/.

The repository is kind of stupidly huge because it contains a lot of image data (both present and past). Sorry about that.

To build it yourself

So you wanna be a Digimon master huh???? Here's how to build a version of this site on your own computer (if you're running Mac OS X):

  1. Get a copy of this repository (either by cloning it or downloading a ZIP copy and unzipping it)

  2. Make sure you've got Node.js and npm installed, as well as Homebrew

  3. Install GraphicsMagick: Open a command-line interface and run brew install graphicsmagick

  4. Install the project's dependencies: In your command-line interface, navigate to the project folder and run npm install

  5. Build the site from the source files: In the same folder, run npm run build. The site is done building when you see Finished 'default' and you get your command prompt back.

  • This command builds the site and processes all of the site's images, so it can take a while (anywhere up to ten minutes) the first time it runs. Subsequent builds will be quicker.
  1. Look in the "build" folder - there's your site! WOW!

  2. To open the site in a web browser, you'll need to be running a web server in the "build" folder - here's my favourite simple way to do that on a Mac.

Dat's it! If you make any changes, run step 5 again to build a new version of the site. Then please feel free to submit a pull request with your changes! Collaboration is fun.


Maybe you wanna help me do these things???

  • Add a filtering option to only display KC's images (and maybe one to show only ones he hasn't done? Would anyone ever even want that?)

  • Add an option to sort by date

  • Add a "watch" task to the gulp config, to automatically rebuild the relevant build files when the source files change