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The brachI/Oplexus software is a digital nerve center for connecting human interfaces to robotic arms. The latest release of this software includes support for controlling our open source robotic platform - The Bento Arm – with an Xbox 360 controller, Myo Armband, or keyboard. Future releases will include additional human interfaces and robotic arms.

NOTE: brachI/Oplexus is pronounced 'brack-I-O-plexus' and is inspired by the anatomical term 'brachial plexus' which is the main network of nerves that connects the brain and spinal cord to your arm.

Getting Started

Instructions for installing, running, and modifying the software can be found in brachIOplexus_User_Guide.pdf The user guide will be your main goto document while setting up the software for the first time and includes references to the other files in the repository:

  • A standalone installer file that can be used to install the software without having to dig into the source code or install visual studio. Also available from the releases tab
  • MTT GUI.sln: The main visual studio project file for opening the source code. The project was built in Visual Studio Express 2015.


You can share your experience, new design, ideas, feature requests, or questions by contacting us through the BLINCdev website.

If you would like to contribute to future official releases of the brachI/Oplexus we recommend contacting us on the forums to coordinate with our development team. To get started you will need to fork this repo and once your modification or enhancement is complete submit a pull request.


The brachI/Oplexus software is released under the GNU General Public License v3. A local copy is available in the repository.


The following open source libraries and interfaces were used in this project. Their respective licenses are included for reference in the libraries folder.


A digital nerve center for connecting human interfaces to robotic arms




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