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A website devoted to exposing facts and information about computing in the blind/vi world

What Is Blind Computing?

This website is the hub of content for blind and visually impaired users that use a computer. We will cover as much as we can, from blind/vi devices, to the latest operating systems, down to accessible tools, programs and web sites that contributers have found useful.

How to Access the Site

You can visit the blind computing website by clicking here. You can also get a sneak preview into what the site will be in the future by visiting the beta version of the site at this link.

How to Contribute

If you're a programmer, you're allready in the right place. Currently, the site uses the master branch to get its files, as the php-rewrite is now complete. If I decide to rewrite in the future (and if that ever happens, it'll be long in the future) this will change.

List of Branches

Branch Description
master currently the main branch of the project. It holds the new, rewritten version of the site.
mysql-file contains an sql dump of the database. I try to keep this up-to-date, but it doesn't always happen, so if you find something on the site that's not in the .sql file, please let me know by opening an issue or via email.
nginx-conf contains most of the nginx configuration files used to run the site.
old-version Holds the extremely old PHP version of the site before the first rewrite. This is a protected branch and should not be tampered with.
rewrite-2018-01-9 The old bash based version of the site. This is also a protected branch that should not be messed with.

note: any other branches are topic branches. Their names should convey what they are, but if not,, feel free to look at the changes. If there are any stale branches not mentioned above, please contact me to remind me to remove them.

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