Dwyco client-side, CDC-X (desktop client), Phoo (experimental Qt5/QML client), and helpers
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Dwyco Video Chat Client Components

CDC-X (stable)

Linux/Mac: Build Status

This repo contains the source and build instructions for:

CDC-X: a video instant messenger using Qt4 (desktop only.)

Phoo: a video instant messenger using Qt5 (desktop and mobile.)

LH: Lingua Hacka interpreter used for the backend servers.

LHC: Lingua Hacka compiler, compiles LH to C++ (only partially done.)

Misc: an assortment of helpers and bots used by the clients and servers.

Each component needs a slightly different setup in order to compile it. You'll find details for building "cdcx" in "cdcxbld", "phoo" in "phoobld", etc.

Deployment status as of 2018:

  • CDC-X has been deployed since the 2012, as a replacement for the long-running CDC32.

  • Phoo is deployed in alpha for Android on the Google play store.

  • LH is only deployed internally at Dwyco