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@@ -5,6 +5,9 @@ various sources and are used to test f2cl. They've been a great way
of finding bugs and inadequacies in f2cl. If they're also useful
packages, that's just a side benefit. :-)
+Some package have their own licenses. You must obtain the license
+yourself if you want to use the package.
quadpack Adaptive integration package
@@ -43,4 +46,10 @@ colnew COLNEW package from netlib for solving boundary-value
ODEs. Currently untested, but it does compile.
donlp2 The Fortran source has been removed at the request of
- the author.
+ the author.
+fftpack5 FFTPACK for FFTs, single-precision. See
+ <>.
+ If you want to use this for your work, you need to
+ obtain a license. There are some issues with this
+ package, but the complex 1D FFT appears to work.

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