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;;; -*- mode: lisp -*-
;;; Copyright (c) 2005--2008, by A.J. Rossini <>
;;; See COPYRIGHT file for any additional restrictions (BSD license).
;;; Since 1991, ANSI was finally finished. Edited for ANSI Common Lisp.
;;; XLisp-ism's removed to focus on Common Lisp. Original source from:
;;;; statistics.lsp XLISP-STAT statistics functions
;;;; XLISP-STAT 2.1 Copyright (c) 1990, by Luke Tierney
;;;; Additions to Xlisp 2.1, Copyright (c) 1989 by David Michael Betz
;;;; You may give out copies of this software; for conditions see the file
;;;; COPYING included with this distribution.
(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage :lisp-stat-descriptive-statistics
(:use :common-lisp
(:shadowing-import-from :lisp-stat-math ;; life is a vector!
expt + - * / ** mod rem abs 1+ 1- log exp sqrt sin cos tan
asin acos atan sinh cosh tanh asinh acosh atanh float random
truncate floor ceiling round minusp zerop plusp evenp oddp
< <= = /= >= > ;; complex
conjugate realpart imagpart phase
min max logand logior logxor lognot ffloor fceiling
ftruncate fround signum cis)
(:export standard-deviation quantile median interquartile-range
fivnum sample))
(in-package :lisp-stat-descriptive-statistics)
;;; Basic Summary Statistics
(defun standard-deviation (x)
"Args: (x)
Returns the standard deviation of the elements x. Vector reducing."
(let ((n (count-elements x))
(r (- x (mean x))))
(sqrt (* (mean (* r r)) (/ n (- n 1))))))
(defgeneric quantile (x p)
(:documentation "Args: (x p)
Returns the P-th quantile(s) of sequence X. P can be a number or a sequence."))
(defmethod quantile ((x sequence) (p sequence))
(let* ((x (sort-data x))
(n (length x))
(np (* p (- n 1)))
(low (floor np))
(high (ceiling np)))
(/ (+ (select x low) (select x high)) 2)))
(defmethod quantile ((x sequence) (p real))
(let* ((x (sort-data x))
(n (length x))
(np (* p (- n 1)))
(low (floor np))
(high (ceiling np)))
(/ (+ (select x low) (select x high)) 2)))
;;; things to build on top of quantiles...!
;; Args: (x)
;; Returns the median of the elements of X.
(defmacro median (x)
`(quantile ,x 0.5))
;; (macroexpand '(median (list 1 2 3)))
;; (median (list 1 2 3))
;; Args: (number-data)
;; Returns the interquartile range of the elements of X.
(defmacro interquartile-range (x)
'(reduce #'- (quantile ,x '(0.75 0.25))))
(defun fivnum (x)
"Args: (number-data)
Returns the five number summary (min, 1st quartile, medinan, 3rd quartile,
max) of the elements X."
(quantile x '(0 .25 .5 .75 1)))
(defun covariance-matrix (&rest args)
"Args: (&rest args)
Returns the sample covariance matrix of the data columns in ARGS. ARGS may
consist of lists, vectors or matrices."
(let ((columns (apply #'append
(mapcar #'(lambda (x)
(if (matrixp x) (column-list x) (list x)))
(/ (cross-product (apply #'bind-columns
(- columns (mapcar #'mean columns))))
(- (length (car columns)) 1))))
;;;; Sampling / Resampling
(defun sample (x ssize &optional replace)
"Args: (x n &optional (replace nil))
Returns a list of a random sample of size N from sequence X drawn with or
without replacement."
(check-sequence x)
(let ((n (length x))
(x (if (consp x) (coerce x 'vector) (copy-vector x)))
(result nil))
(if (< 0 n)
(dotimes (i ssize result)
(let ((j (if replace (random n) (+ i (random (- n i))))))
(setf result (cons (aref x j) result))
(unless replace ;; swap elements i and j
(let ((temp (aref x i)))
(setf (aref x i) (aref x j))
(setf (aref x j) temp))))))))
(defun mean (x)
"Args: (x)
Returns the mean of the elements x. Vector reducing."
(let ((mean 0.0)
(count 0.0))
(labels ((add-to-mean (x)
(let ((count+1 (+ count 1.0)))
(setf mean (+ (* (/ count count+1) mean) (* (/ count+1) x)))
(setf count count+1)))
(find-mean (x)
(if (numberp x)
(add-to-mean x)
(let ((seq (compound-data-seq x)))
(if (consp seq)
(dolist (x seq)
(if (numberp x) (add-to-mean x) (find-mean x)))
(let ((n (length seq)))
(dotimes (i n)
(declare (fixnum i))
(let ((x (aref seq i)))
(if (numberp x)
(add-to-mean x)
(find-mean x))))))))))
(find-mean x)
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