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This document describes external dependencies and how I think I should be tracking them. It is a bit outdated as of <2012-10-04 Thu> but hopefully that will be fixed soon.

Getting required external files.

external DARCS

darcs get
cd lift.darcs ; darcs pull
darcs get
cd cffi.darcs ; darcs pull

We can use darcs-to-git script to convert (findable on github), and ideally upload to GitHub,, or repo Git public-repository repositories.

IS THIS A GOOD IDEA? Once it is there, we can register as a submodule, and then use git submodule commands to get the versions we need to use.

I think it’s a good idea, only for core development. For developers of CLS programs (away from core), provide the core packages and have people develop on top of them.

Commands for external GIT:

  cd $(LISPSTAT-GIT-TOPLEVEL-DIR) # from here, cd .. (hopefully!)
  git submodule add git:// \
  git submodule add git:// \
  git submodule status
  git status

  ## How do we update locally?   
  ## git submodule update ...??  (test using the submodule that we need to get when connected).
#+end src

* Discussion