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# what we'd like this script to do is the following:
# 1. first test for git. If it isn't there, we can't do much.
# 2. specify a directory to work in (default = current working directory)
# 3. see if any repos exist (?)
# 4. grab the missing repositories -- ?submodules implementation?
# 5. update/pull to update any present repositories.
github = ""
git clone $(github)/CommonLispStat.git
git clone $(github)/lisp-matrix.git
git clone $(github)/fnv.git
git clone $(github)/cl-blapack.git
git clone $(github)/ffa.git
git clone $(github)/lift.git
# use just one directory for the ASDF files, and we'll link to link.
mkdir ASDF
ln -s *.git/*.asd ASDF
# setup a file to configure the directories... this isn't quite right.
cat "(push \"ASDF\" *asdf-load-dirs*)" > asdf-load.lisp
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