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--- !,2008-03-06/issue
title: Reorg of data packages needed
desc: |-
Data structure is split up far too much. Design should be refactored so that we
consider how the range of functionality, from data frames (storage) to data integration
(merging) to data manipulation (creation and transformation) are separated into activity-centric
packages/objects. This is needed to ensure that we can modulate what it is that we will
put back together for appropriate functionality.
type: :task
component: Data
release: "1.0"
reporter: Tony <>
status: :unstarted
creation_time: 2009-07-18 09:49:38.899413 Z
references: []
id: 2b86e852ca33119fe51c8ebb8fbb03913546f17a
- - 2009-07-18 09:49:47.902647 Z
- Tony <>
- created
- going to work on it soon.