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--- !,2008-03-06/issue
title: Need a datafrae-window class similar to matrix-window
desc: |-
To avoid excess copying, need to include a dataframe-window class which
supports copy-free subsetting (of course, we can copy if needed when
type: :feature
component: Data
release: "2.0"
reporter: Tony <>
status: :unstarted
creation_time: 2009-04-02 07:35:18.748271 Z
references: []
id: e72fe751814170d6f9bcfd94919f9cb8585d5808
- - 2009-04-02 07:35:55.751431 Z
- Tony <>
- created
- |-
This is simply a copy of the lisp-matrix approach which sees to work
reasonably well (c/sees/seems)