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updated start-up directions to match and be a

bit more precise than my email to the mailing list this morning to David.

Signed-off-by: AJ Rossini <>
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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-Time-stamp: <2013-10-15 08:30:13 tony>
+Time-stamp: <2014-02-12 15:06:56 tony>
-* Current Status: SOMEWHAT BROKEN
+* Current Status: IMPROVING
but we are rebuilding it.
@@ -24,21 +24,31 @@ Time-stamp: <2013-10-15 08:30:13 tony>
We suggest something like:
#+begin_src shell
+mkdir ~/quicklisp/
+mkdir ~/quicklisp/local-projects
cd ~/quicklisp/local-projects
+git clone git://
+git clone git://
- (with the 3rd and on lines representing stuff not yet in
- quicklisp, I think... right now, there are no such lines, yet.)
+ (with the 5th and on lines representing stuff undergoing rapid
+ change, so possibly out of date on QUICKLISP).
+ You might need to grab XARRAY as well, and if behind a firewall,
+ might need to use HTTP or similar alternative transport.
5. Start up the Common Lisp implementation, and:
#+name: loadIt
#+begin_src lisp
+ (ql:quickload :antik)
(ql:quickload :cls)
+ TODO: Unfortunately, it looks like ANTIK needs to be preloaded,
+ or it gets confused. I don't yet know why.
6. get coffee, tea, water, beer, or a glass of wine, review the
Common Lisp Statistics mailing list, chat with friends, etc,
until it is done compiling and loading.

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