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started to clean up LICENSING. Need to consider whether to use MIT or…

… GPLv3. The disadvantage of the GPL is that it scares people off. The disadvantage of not using it is that it could lead to academic challenges later (i.e. ARC/LispStat issues).

Signed-off-by: AJ Rossini <>
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-CommonLisp Stat, a set of packages supporting Statistically oriented
-Data Analyis in Lisp.
+Common Lisp Statistics, a set of packages supporting statistically
+oriented data analyis using Common Lisp.
-Copyright (c) 2007--2008 AJ Rossini, <>
+Copyright (c) 2007--2009 AJ Rossini, <>
All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without

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