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Latest commit 7df41af @hjstein hjstein Fixed rseq & optimized iseq.
 - can't currently use vectorized arithmetic in compound.lisp.
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algorithms nearly nothing from my discussion with hadley
basics Fixed rseq & optimized iseq.
data using ncases/nvars to keep things statistically oriented.
describe mean SHOULD NOT index. Index using a dedicated index function BEFORE …
methodology starting restructure
numerics *cls-home-dir* changed to *cls-installation-home-dir*, reflecting wha…
objsys silence compiler noises with LispStat prototype objects.
onto migration of onto knowledge component.
probability new probability generators D/L-d from the network.
procedures more fleshing out the classes.
stat-models use names, start constructing model generics.
unittests clean up for LIFT based testing, start of code for CLUNIT based testing.
unittests2 fixed typo so it compiles and runs
visualize Merge branch 'master' of git://…
config.lisp fix comments in docs.
lisptests.lisp first set of changes from Brent Fulgham, a bunch more coming in the C…
makesys.lisp old files, but not ready to delete contents into archive.
packages.lisp modified to support clunit.
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