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;; Copyright rif 2006.
;; Modified BSD License (see LICENSE file in this directory).
;; repackaged according to CLHS suggestions, AJ Rossini <>
;; Copyright 2008.
(in-package :org.middleangle.foreign-numeric-vector-lowlevel-copy)
(declaim (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0) (debug 1)))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel)
;; This code should be about as efficient as a C loop if it's
;; working properly and the compiler behaves. It may be better to
;; define the low-level copiers via a foreign function that does
;; memory copies.
(defmacro make-lowlevel-copier (type)
(let* ((copier-name (ncat 'lowlevel-copy- type))
(ref-type (intern (symbol-name type) :keyword))
(size (foreign-type-size ref-type)))
(defun ,copier-name (from-vec to-vec num-elts &optional
(from-start 0) (to-start 0))
(let ((from-ind from-start)
(to-ind to-start))
(declare (type fixnum from-ind to-ind num-elts))
(fixtimes (i num-elts)
(setf (mem-ref to-vec ,ref-type (fix* from-ind ,size))
(mem-ref from-vec ,ref-type (fix* to-ind ,size)))
(setf to-ind (fix+ to-ind 1))
(setf from-ind (fix+ from-ind 1)))))
(define-compiler-macro ,copier-name (from-vec to-vec num-elts
(from-start 0) (to-start 0))
(let ((from-sym (gensym "from"))
(to-sym (gensym "to"))
(num-elts-sym (gensym "num-elts"))
(from-start-sym (gensym "from-start"))
(to-start-sym (gensym "to-start"))
(i-sym (gensym "i"))
(j-sym (gensym "j")))
`(let ((,,'from-sym ,,'from-vec)
(,,'to-sym ,,'to-vec)
(,,'num-elts-sym ,,'num-elts)
(,,'from-start-sym ,,'from-start)
(,,'to-start-sym ,,'to-start))
(iter (for ,,'i-sym from ,,'from-start-sym below
(fix+ ,,'from-start-sym ,,'num-elts-sym))
(for ,,'j-sym from ,,'to-start-sym)
(declare (type fixnum ,,'i-sym)
(type fixnum ,,'from-start-sym)
(type fixnum ,,'j-sym)
(type fixnum ,,'to-start-sym))
(setf (mem-ref ,,'to-sym ,',ref-type
(fix* ,,'i-sym ,,size))
(mem-ref ,,'from-sym ,',ref-type
(fix* ,,'j-sym ,,size)))))))
(make-lowlevel-copier float)
(make-lowlevel-copier double)
(make-lowlevel-copier int)
(make-lowlevel-copier int32)
#+cffi-features:x86-64 (make-lowlevel-copier int64)