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;; Copyright rif 2006.
;; Modified BSD License (see LICENSE file in this directory).
;; repackaged according to CLHS suggestions, AJ Rossini <>
;; Copyright 2008.
(in-package :org.middleangle.foreign-numeric-vector-utils)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel)
(defun ncat (&rest args)
(intern (apply #'concatenate 'string (mapcar #'symbol-name args))))
(defmacro with-gensyms (names &body body)
`(let (,@(mapcar (lambda (name)
(list name `(gensym ,(symbol-name name))))
(defmacro fixfor ((var from to) &body body)
`(iter (for ,var from (the fixnum ,from) below (the fixnum ,to))
(declare (iterate:declare-variables))
(declare (type fixnum ,var))
;; This would be nice, but iterate's for isn't quite as efficient.
;; (defmacro fixtimes ((var to) &body body)
;; `(fixfor (,var 0 ,to) ,@body))
(defmacro fixtimes ((var to) &body body)
`(dotimes (,var (the fixnum ,to))
(declare (type fixnum ,var))
(defmacro make-typed-op (name function type)
`(defmacro ,name (&rest args)
`(the ,',type (,',function
,@(mapcar (lambda (a) `(the ,',type ,a)) args)))))
(defmacro make-typed-ops (type basename)
,@(mapcar (lambda (op)
(let ((name (ncat basename op)))
`(make-typed-op ,name ,op ,type)))
'(+ * - /))))
(make-typed-ops fixnum fix)
(make-typed-ops double-float df)
(make-typed-ops single-float sf)
(make-typed-ops (complex double-float) cdf)
(make-typed-ops (complex single-float) csf)
(defcstruct complex-float
(real :float)
(imag :float))
(defcstruct complex-double
(real :double)
(imag :double))
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