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2008-06-13 Evan Monroig <>
* tests.lisp (transposed-p): fixed matrix size - cannot be 1
because it doesn't transpose
(unit-strides-p): use UNIT-STRIDES-P
(fun-transpose, fun-window, fun-strides): also test :FOREIGN-ARRAY
(vectors, construct-vectors, row-of-strided-matrix)
(col-of-strided-matrix, v=, row-of-window, real-stride): tests for
vectors and vector views
(make-predicate): use UNIT-STRIDES-P
(m*-vectors): matrix multiplication for vectors - should work as
is vecause they are subtypes of matrices but there are some corner
cases for slices
* lapack-methods.lisp: update all to use UNIT-STRIDES-P instead of
(scal): new method for LA-VECTOR-DOUBLE just to show how to do it
for vectors - need to think about harmonizing it with matrix cases
(call-with-work): update to use the new MAKE-VECTOR interface
* matrix-foreign-array.lisp: added vector subtypes
* matrix-implementations.lisp (make-matrix-class-hierarchy):
changed superclass order for MATVIEWs
* vector.lisp (real-stride): return real stride for use with
lapack wrappers
(zero-offset-p, unit-strides-p): added for SLICE-VECVIEW
(mref): added for SLICE-VECVIEW
(make-vector): created - equivalent to MAKE-MATRIX
(row): added specific methods to directly slice on the original
matrix for cases of window and stride views
(col): removed reference to FLATTEN-MATRIX-INDICES; needs more
* matrix.lisp (unit-strides-p): renamed because for a vector the
meaning is different
(flatten-matrix-indices-1): added for case where we want to know
an offset but only with respect to the immediately parent matrix
(transpose): return original matrix if no need for transpose
(strides): automatically create vector slices instead where
(copy!): check for equality before doing anything
* vector.lisp: renamed from experimental/vector-as-subtype.lisp
* old/fnv-vector.lisp: moved here from fnv-vector.lisp
* lisp-matrix.asd (lisp-matrix): add file vector.lisp, remove
* matrix-implementations.lisp (vector-class): similar to
(make-matrix-class-hierarchy): renamed from MAKE-CLASS-HIERARCHY
(make-vector-class-hierarchy): newly defined
* matrix-lisp-array.lisp (la-vector): base vector class
(vref, setf vref): defined
(make-matrix*): make a vector if NROWS or NCOLS are 1
(la-vector-class): similar to LA-MATRIX-CLASS
(construct-la-matrix): also define vector subclasses
* matrix.lisp (print-object): renamed variable
(rand): accept additional argument VALUE which is the same as for
the function RANDOM
(transpose): transposing two times returns the original
(window): define a window as a stride
(strides): generate a window if the strides are 1
(strides): stride on the parent of the argument matrix
(matview): PARENT is of type MATRIX-LIKE
* tests.lisp (transposed-p): update
(fun-transpose, fun-window, fun-strides, fun-matrix-views): new
test suite for matviews
2008-06-12 Evan Monroig <>
* lapack-utils.lisp (%clean-lambda-list, def-lapack-method): add
generic function generation
* experimental/vector-as-separate-type.lisp: same as in previous
commit experimental/vector.lisp
* experimental/vector-as-subtype.lisp: from a previous commit --
updated to have the same class for row- and column- vectors
2008-06-11 Evan Monroig <>
* experimental/vector.lisp: try at separate vector type -> also
lots of code duplication
minor change
* experimental/vector.lisp: added more necessary things for the
case of vector type derived from matrix type -> ugly code
* matrix.lisp (mref, setf mref): minor change in documentation
(window, strides, transpose): minor change in argument name
2008-06-08 Evan Monroig <>
* experimental/vector.lisp: just some 5-minute exploratory
brainstorming at the vector interface
* tests.lisp (ones, zeros, eye): new tests
(axpy, dot, nrm2, asum, iamax, m+, m-): new tests
* matrix.lisp (eye): added
* lapack-methods.lisp (axpy, dot, dotu, dotc, nrm2, asum, iamax):
(scal): modified
* matrix-operations.lisp (m+, m-): added
* lapack-utils.lisp (def-lapack-method): modify NAME parameter to
allow a list with the name and then keywords.
(%get-functions, %get-name): helper functions to obtain the NAME
and the cl-blapack function names to use for each matrix
(with-copies): when RESULT is NIL, don't return it but instead
return the value of BODY
2008-06-07 Evan Monroig <>
* matrix-operations.lisp (m*): added
* lapack-utils.lisp (translate-to-foreign): keep to minimal methods
(with-pinned-arrays, with-pinned-copies, la-matrix->pointer):
clean up a little
* matrix-implementations.lisp (*type-table*, type-info)
(add-type, def-lisp-matrix-type): rewritten type functions and
type info table to also define a CFFI-TYPE
(make-class-hierarchy): also create a method ELEMENT-TYPE-SIZE
* matrix.lisp (offset): moved here from lapack-utils.lisp
* lapack-methods.lisp (gemm): striped down, made closer to the
fortran call
* experimental/multiplication.lisp: replaced by some experimental
code to call the fortran dgemm using CFFI types for which lisp
arrays are converted inline (no generic functions) -- this would
necessitate to duplicate the work (and the CFFI types) for the
case of foreign arrays.
2008-06-06 Evan Monroig <>
* lapack-utils.lisp (with-pinned-copies): copy all matrices to
foreign arrays for those lisps for which arrays cannot be pinned
(with-copies): copy using *DEFAULT-IMPLEMENTATION* as the target
matrix implementation
* matrix-lisp-array.lisp (make-matrix*, la-default-value): work
around CLISP array initialization to NIL
* matrix.lisp (copy*, copy-maybe*): versions where we specify the
(fill-matrix): newly added
* tests.lisp: all tests now work for :FOREIGN-ARRAY and
:LISP-ARRAY implementations
* lapack-methods.lisp (gemm, gelsy): updated
* lapack-utils.lisp (def-lapack-method): updated
(with-pinned-objects, with-pinned-copies): arrange matrix copies
to be pinned (for SBCL) or GC turned off (for CMUCL)
(def-lapack-method): add methods for lisp-array based matrices,
and for those replace WITH-COPIES by WITH-PINNED-COPIES
(translate-to-foreign): define several methods to directly convert
matrices to pointers
(la-matrix->pointer): function to convert a lisp-array based
matrix to a pointer for CMUCL and SBCL
* matrix-foreign-array.lisp: use DEFINE-IMPLEMENTATION and
* matrix-lisp-array.lisp: use DEFINE-IMPLEMENTATION and
* matrix-implementations.lisp (define-implementation)
(def-lisp-matrix-type): function and macro to do some bookkeeping
on implementations and element-types
* matrix-lisp-array.lisp (construct-la-matrix): use
* matrix-foreign-array.lisp (construct-fa-matrix): use
* matrix-implementations.lisp (matrix-class)
(make-class-hierarchy): remove code duplication by factoring out
common code in both implementations
* matrix.lisp (flatten-matrix-indices): fixed strided-matview
(transpose-class, window-class, stride-class): new methods to
determine which class to instanciate
* matrix-lisp-array.lisp: add classes for views
* matrix-foreign-array.lisp: add classes for views
* lapack-utils.lisp (def-lapack-method): update to specialize on
the base class of a matrix
2008-06-05 Evan Monroig <>
* lapack-methods.lisp: added as commented code a basic call to
DGEMM using matrices based on lisp arrays
* lapack-utils.lisp: added comments on how to proceed with CFFI
and fortran types
* lapack-methods.lisp: updated -- works only for foreign array
based implementation and not for MATVIEW matrices (for this I need
to define a common class type that groups normal matrices and
MATVIEW matrices of one implementation and one element-type)
* lapack-utils.lisp: updated
* tests.lisp: updated all tests except GEMM for MATVIEWs which
doesn't work
* old/fnv-matrix.lisp: moved the old implementation here
* matrix-foreign-array.lisp: implementation based on foreign
* matrix-lisp-array.lisp: implementation based on lisp arrays
* matrix.lisp: rewritten the matrix class interface
2008-06-04 Evan Monroig <>
* experimental/matrix.lisp: started to rewrite the matrix class
interface to add FFA arrays as well
2008-05-20 Evan Monroig <>
* experimental/element-access.lisp (with-fast-access): try at
using a higher-level macro that defines local macros to override
VREF and gain 10x speed.
2008-05-19 Evan Monroig <>
* experimental/element-access.lisp: add execution times
* benchmark/lisp-vs-c-aref.lisp: moved experimental benchmarks to
* experimental/element-access.lisp: clean up and add some
documentation - these are just experiments anyway
2008-05-17 Evan Monroig <>
* tests.lisp (make-matrix-double-4, make-matrix-double-3)
(make-matrix-double-2, make-matrix-double-1): don't test matrices
for which one of the sizes is zero
(make-matrix-double-zero-size): separate tests for zero size (does
not work on clisp)
(transpose-double, window-double, setf-mref, copy): for clisp,
don't test matrices for which one of the sizes is zero
2008-05-11 Evan Monroig <>
* lapack-utils.lisp (walk-and-replace): replace by common-lisp
function SUBLIS
2008-05-07 Evan Monroig <>
* benchmark/lisp-vs-c-aref.lisp: same as the one on the page of
Mark Hoemmen but with added tests for the MREF of lisp-matrix and
* experimental/element-access.lisp: some tries to see if element
access can be improved while having matrices defined as CLOS
2008-05-04 Evan Monroig <>
* lapack-utils.lisp (def-lapack-method): add wrapper around method
body to remove floating-point traps
* lisp-matrix.asd (lisp-matrix): add new files
* tests.lisp: moved tests from experimental/multiplication.lisp
* lapack-methods.lisp (gemm): moved from
* lapack-utils.lisp (make-predicate): moved from
experimental/multiplication.lisp and renamed from
(with-copies, *supported-datatypes*, datatype->letter)
(walk-and-replace, def-lapack-method, orientation->letter)
(orientation-letter): moved from experimental/multiplication.lisp
* fnv-matrix.lisp (transposed-p, zero-offset-p, copy-into, copy)
(copy-into, copy-maybe, real-nrows, real-ncols): moved from
* experimental/multiplication.lisp (with-copies): fixed bug in
(*supported-datatypes*): update to use same type names as in
(walk-and-replace, def-lapack-method): macro to create lapack
wrapper methods, and a helper function
(real-nrows, real-ncols): update documentation
(gemm): defined using DEF-LAPACK-METHOD
* fnv-matrix.lisp (window, strides): added argument checking
(print-object): simple method to see the contents of matrices when
they are returned in slime
(fnv-type-to-matrix-type): rewrite as a CASE statement, and add
:BASE keyword for the base class of the given fnv type
2008-05-03 Evan Monroig <>
* experimental/multiplication.lisp (m*): add test for
(multiplication): test suite for this file
(gemm): add and rewrite content from experimental/matview.lisp to
allow implementation of lapack wrapper methods simultaneously for
all matrix types and while avoiding unnecessary matrix copies --
added sample GEMM method for the case of 'double matrices -- still
to be debugged for windowed and strided views, and to add a macro
to generate the GEMM methods for all matrix types
* tests.lisp (m=): test for M=
(setf-mref): add test for SETF MREF, using only standard matrices
for now
* fnv-matrix.lisp (setf mref): add method for all subtypes
(:compile-toplevel): add abstract class for all matrices and
matviews of each type
(data): add method for class MATVIEW and remove the one that I
added which was specific to transposed views
(m=): added strict equality test
* lisp-matrix.asd (lisp-matrix): add dependency on cl-blapack
* fnv-matrix.lisp (window-matview, transpose-matview)
(strided-matview): add abstrace matview classes
2008-05-02 Evan Monroig <>
* experimental/multiplication.lisp: add comments
2008-04-29 Evan Monroig <>
* experimental/multiplication.lisp: moved here from
2008-04-28 Evan Monroig <>
* fnv-matrix.lisp (setf mref): add method for basic matrix types
(orientation): fixed for transposed matrix
* tests.lisp (make-matrix-double-4): add test for initialization
from list
* fnv-matrix.lisp (make-matrix): add initialization from a list of
2008-04-27 Evan Monroig <>
* tests.lisp (test-matrix-size): add test for spurious argument to
(make-matrix-double-3, transpose-double, random-array): factor out
common code into RANDOM-ARRAY
(window-double): add test for windowed matrices
* fnv-matrix.lisp (matrix-type-to-fnv-type): add documentation
* fnv-vector.lisp (vector-dimension, vref)
(fnv-type-to-vector-type, slice, vector-type-to-fnv-type): put
docstring in DEFGENERIC form
* fnv-matrix.lisp (matrix-dimension, matrix-dimensions)
(flatten-matrix-indices, mref, orientation)
(fnv-type-to-matrix-type): move docstring to a DEFGENERIC form
(window, transpose, strides): move docstring to a DEFGENERIC form
(nelts, matrix-type-to-fnv-type, unit-stride-p, fnv-type): move
docstring to a DEFGENERIC form
(make-typed-matrix): fixed calls to MAKE-SYMBOL*
(orientation): add documentation
* lisp-matrix.asd (lisp-matrix, operation-done-p): automatically
run tests when calling (ASDF:OOS 'ASDF:TEST-OP 'LISP-MATRIX)
* tests.lisp (tests): add root test suite
* fnv-vector.lisp (make-typed-vector): replace NCAT by
* fnv-matrix.lisp (make-typed-matrix): replace NCAT by
* package.lisp (:lisp-matrix): don't import NCAT
* utils.lisp (make-symbol*): add simple utility to replace NCAT
2008-04-24 Evan Monroig <>
* tests.lisp (test-matrix-size): helper function
(make-matrix-double-1, make-matrix-double-2)
(make-matrix-double-3, transpose-double): added basic tests
* lisp-matrix.asd (lisp-matrix): add dependency on fiveam
* package.lisp (:lisp-matrix): remove dependency on ASDF
(:lisp-matrix): add dependency on FIVEAM
* fnv-vector.lisp (make-vector): don't use argument
* fnv-matrix.lisp (make-matrix): don't use argument
* fnv-vector.lisp (initialize-instance): remove call to next
* fnv-matrix.lisp (initialize-instance): remove call to next
* macros.lisp (define-abstract-class): use EQL with TYPE-OF
instead of TYPEP which is too inclusive
* fnv-matrix.lisp (matrix-like, matview): modify readers, order of
slots and options as for vector types
(matrix-like): nrows and ncols should be accessors as we modify
them in other parts of the code
(make-typed-matrix): similar changes to the vector types
(strides, window): key arguments should be symbols not keywords
(make-typed-matrix -> initialize-instance :after): remove the
call to the next method
* fnv-vector.lisp (vector-like, vecview): replace these classes
and others so that slots and options are in correct order
(double, float, complex-double, complex-float): when calling
MAKE-TYPED-VECTOR, the type should not be quoted
(make-typed-vector): re-establish the quoting of the fnv-type
argument when it is necessary
(vector-like, vecview): fixed reader functions which should be
symbols not keywords
(slice): parent is X
* macros.lisp (define-abstract-class): modify INITIALIZE-INSTANCE
method to quote the class name
* package.lisp (:lisp-matrix): import function NCAT which was an
internal symbol from the package FNV -- actually I would like to
remove dependence on this function since it pollutes the
LISP-MATRIX package with unused symbols
* fnv-vector.lisp (make-vector): see MAKE-MATRIX below
* fnv-matrix.lisp (make-matrix): replaced by a generic function as
there is no simple way to define local setf methods -- labels
won't work, macrolet doesn't capture local variable when the
expansion is generated, symbol-macrolet doesn't work eigher
although I'm not sure to understand why
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