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need to use FNV types for complex mapping.

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1 parent 092e5b0 commit bc9b1a9ffce813164dd09baeef5781fd32069852 @blindglobe committed Oct 24, 2012
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  1. +2 −4 src/matrix-implementations.lisp
6 src/matrix-implementations.lisp
@@ -108,10 +108,8 @@
(def-lisp-matrix-type single single-float :cffi-type :float)
(def-lisp-matrix-type double double-float :cffi-type :double)
-(def-lisp-matrix-type complex-single (complex single-float)
- :cffi-type :complex-float)
-(def-lisp-matrix-type complex-double (complex double-float)
- :cffi-type :complex-double)
+(def-lisp-matrix-type complex-single (complex single-float) :cffi-type fnv:cffi-fnv-complex-float)
+(def-lisp-matrix-type complex-double (complex double-float) :cffi-type fnv:cffi-fnv-complex-double)
(def-lisp-matrix-type fixnum fixnum)
(def-lisp-matrix-type integer integer)
(def-lisp-matrix-type t t)

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