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Objective-C 32 2


A NSFetchedResultsController inspired object, with additional functions. The idea is that you can supply additional predicates/blocks to perform post fetch filtering and sorting.

Updated Dec 21, 2015


forked from CocoaPods/Specs

A repository of CocoaPods ( specifications.

Updated May 1, 2014

Shell 1 0


iOS Build Scripts

Updated Apr 19, 2014

Objective-C 0 0


A reusable library of external sources.

Updated May 11, 2013

Objective-C 1 324


forked from pctj101/scifihifi-iphone

Open source iPhone code

Updated Feb 28, 2012

Objective-C 21 0


A Core Data silver bullet. Use this class to access a NSManagedObjectContext from anywhere in your iOS or Mac OS X application. With support for multi-threading and model version migration.

Updated Sep 28, 2011

Objective-C 8 1


An objective-c based framework/library for communicating with CouchDB instances.

Updated May 12, 2011

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