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Bookworm v2022.1 Alpha 5

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Bookworm v2022.1 Alpha 5

What's new

  • Added a reading progress indicator. Your current position (in percentage points) will be shown in the status bar and indicated using a progress bar. You can disable this feature in the settings.
  • Added a menu item, in the file menu, to open a new instance of bookworm
  • Bookshelf: you can now choose whether you want to add documents to the full-text search index . Disabling full-text indexing saves a lot of time when adding a large number of documents to the Bookshelf.
  • Updated the embedded Tesseract OCR engine to the latest version (v5.0.1)
  • You can now check for updates to the embedded Tesseract OCR engine from the OCR settings
  • Several improvements to Tesseract OCR language models download interface
  • Expanded the list of downloadable Tesseract OCR language models to include more than 108 languages and scripts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: document could not be added to the bookshelf from the viewer
  • Fixed: Unable to open book when Use file name instead of book title is checked. . Fixes #89
  • Fixed: unable to download Tesseract OCR engine and the language models. Fixes #94
  • Allow invalid items to be removed from the recently opened list. Fixes #90

Full Changelog: release-v2022.1.a3...release-v2022.1a5