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.NET Core client library for blindrelay file download, decryption, and systems integration.
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Welcome to blindrelay!

Download and decryption API source code, example, and specification.

.NET Core source code and example is up!

Get the code and build the BlindrelayPublic.sln using Visual Studio 2019.

Blindrelay.Core - blindrelay .NET Core download and decrypt API

Blindrelay.Core.Example - example console app that illustrates logging in, receiving SignalR notifications, downloading files, and decrypting files.

This library is used in conjuction with the Windows 10 blindrelay app (available in the Microsoft App Store) to enable integration and automation with internal backend systems.

Visit for more information.

blindrelay Architecture Overview

Blindrelay uses several Azure services (including over 70 Azure Functions, Cosmos DB, Blobs, Queues, and SignalR) and a Windows 10 Universal App to orchestrate end-to-end encryption groups. With an optional API Key purchased from within the blindrelay app, developers can develop backend .NET Core (or other language) code to integrate downloading and decryption in automated backend systems.

Image of blindrelay group sharing

End-to-end encryption groups are created simply by inviting other users to a group via email addresses. Group members can be invited as publishers, subscribers, or both.

Group formation occurs as follows in the blindrelay Windows 10 app:

  1. General group settings are set and member invitee email addresses are specified.
  2. The group AES 256 encryption key is randomly generated (using CSRNG) and group member invitees get invited by a SignalR and/or an email (optional) invitation.
  3. Upon acceptance, group members receive the AES key via the member's RSA 4096 public key.

After a group is created, files can be published to the group. Generally, 5 gig and smaller files have been tested, but there isn't any reason much larger files won't work.

The steps in group file publishing are:

  1. In the app, manually select one or more files to publish (or use group watched folders to automatically publish)
  2. File gets AES 256 encrypted and HMACSHA256 signed (on publisher's device) with the group AES key in the CryptoBuffer format (see below).
  3. Encrypted file payload gets placed in an Azure blob and group subscriber records are recorded in Cosmos DB.
  4. Group subscribers are notified via SignalR that there are files to download.

The steps in group file download by subscribers are:

  1. Using the blindrelay app or custom backend code (via an API Key), files ready to download are streamed to subscriber devices, still encrypted.
  2. If using the app, the user has control when the downloaded files get decrypted. Additionally, if the API is used, the custom code can download and decrypt the file(s) after getting notified via SignalR.
  3. File decryption, using the group AES key, happens on the subscriber's device after the file has been downloaded.

For more detailed information, visit

blindrelay CryptoBuffer File Format

Below is the specification for encrypted blindrelay files. The example source code and library handle parsing, but this is provided for reference to support additional languages.


Field Length (bytes)
Length 4
Data Bytes Variable Length in bytes


Field Length (bytes)
Length 4
UTF-8 Characters Variable Length in bytes

CryptoBuffer File

Field Type Length (bytes or characters) Contents or Purpose
PayloadLength DWORD 8 Total length of file
Magic Bytes 4 chars B,R,P,K
Signature Bytes 32 HMACSHA256 signature of file contents
EncryptionAlgorithm String Variable AES-256-CBC-PKCS7
CreatedBy Bytes Variable ID of creator
Id String Variable General identifier
KeyId String Variable blindrelay ID of encryption key
Purpose String Variable Generally the Group ID. Only keys of Purpose can decrypt file
MimeType String Variable Mime-type of plaintext (not encrypted)
Created DWORD 8 Unix time in milliseconds
Iv Bytes Variable Initialization vector pertaining to EncryptionAlgorithm
CipherMetadata Bytes Variable Encrypted metadata associated with ciphertext
CipherText Bytes Variable File data encrypted with EncryptionAlgorithm
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