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Sep 19, 2015

fzf.el MELPA

An Emacs front-end for fzf.



fzf.el is available on MELPA.

Below is an illustrative use-package configuration of fzf.el showing all available customizations and their default values.

Note: This package does not set default keybindings.

(use-package fzf
    ;; Don't forget to set keybinds!
  (setq fzf/args "-x --color bw --print-query --margin=1,0 --no-hscroll"
        fzf/executable "fzf"
        fzf/git-grep-args "-i --line-number %s"
        ;; command used for `fzf-grep-*` functions
        ;; example usage for ripgrep:
        ;; fzf/grep-command "rg --no-heading -nH"
        fzf/grep-command "grep -nrH"
        ;; If nil, the fzf buffer will appear at the top of the window
        fzf/position-bottom t
        fzf/window-height 15))


fzf.el comes with a number of useful commands:


  • M-x fzf
  • M-x fzf-directory

Searching for files:

  • M-x fzf-find-file
  • M-x fzf-find-file-in-dir
  • M-x fzf-recentf

Project-aware search:

  • M-x fzf-git
  • M-x fzf-git-files
  • M-x fzf-git-grep
  • M-x fzf-hg
  • M-x fzf-projectile


Note: fzf-grep-*-with-narrowing functions launch an interactive fzf/grep-command instead of using fuzzy filtering. See the fzf advanced documentation for more details.

  • M-x fzf-grep
  • M-x fzf-grep-dwim
  • M-x fzf-grep-in-dir
  • M-x fzf-grep-with-narrowing
  • M-x fzf-grep-dwim-with-narrowing
  • M-x fzf-grep-in-dir-with-narrowing

Using input from Emacs:

  • M-x fzf-switch-buffer

define custom functions

fzf.el exposes functions to let you interface with fzf however you'd like:

  • fzf-with-command (command action &optional directory as-filter initq): Run fzf on the output of a shell command.
    • command: The shell command whose output is passed to fzf.
    • action: A function that handles the result of fzf (e.g. open a file, switch to a buffer, etc.). This package ships with two default actions that can handle opening a file and opening a file at a specific line.
    • directory: Directory to execute fzf in.
    • as-filter: If non-nil, use command as the filter instead of fzf's fuzzy filtering. See fzf-grep-*-with-narrowing functions for example usages.
    • initq: If as-filter is non-nil, initq will be used as the value for the --query option. If as-filter is nil, this does nothing.
  • fzf-with-entries (entries action &optional directory): run fzf, passing in an elisp list and running the function action with the user's selected results.

Using these functions, it's easy to define your own commands that use fzf:

(defun fzf-example ()
   (list "a" "b" "c")

Or more exciting:

(defun fzf-find-file (&optional directory)
  (let ((d (fzf/resolve-directory directory)))
    (lambda (x)
        (let ((f (expand-file-name x d)))
        (when (file-exists-p f)
            (find-file f))))