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Contains a number of useful extensions of ScalaTest and Mockito, making it easier and more convenient to test your Scala code.

Using MockitoSyrup

As ScalaTest contains the MockitoSugar trait that contains adaptations for using Mockito with Scala code, we have added our extensions in a trait MokcitoSyrup - making your tests even sweeter! To use it, simply mix it in with your test suites instead of MockitoSugar.

The trait itself is a combination of more specific traits, that you can use individually if you so wish. The following sections will describe in more detail what's available in each of these.


The AnswerSugar trait makes it easier to work with Mockito Answers in Scala. Instead of creating an Answer[T] object and overriding answer(), you can pass in a closure to the method. In other words, instead of writing:

when(myMock.method()).thenAnswer(new Answer[ReturnType] {
  override def answer(invocation: InvocationOnMock): ReturnType = "My result"

you can write:

when(myMock.method()).thenAnswer(() => "My result")


The MatcherSugar trait allows you to write Matchers as anonymous functions in Scala. Instead of creating a Matcher[T] object and overriding matches/describeTo, you can pass in a closure to the method. In other words, instead of writing:

verify(myMock).method(argThat(new Matcher[String] {
  override def matches(item: Any): Boolean = item == "test string"
  override def describeTo(description: Description): Unit = description.appendText("test string")

you can write:

verify(myMock).method(argThat{ arg: String => arg == "test string" })

There's an additional feature of MatcherSugar that deals with a small annoyance: the name eq method defined in Mockito's Matchers class clashes with Scala's built-in eq function (which compares for object identity). This means you can't just import org.mockito.Matchers.eq, you have to explicitly prefix it wherever it's used, making test code a little bit more verbose than we like.

MatcherSugar gets around this simply by defining a method eql which just delegates to org.mockito.Matchers.eq(). So you can use eql as a synonym for eq when using matchers, for example:

verify(myMock).method(eql(42), anyString())


Convenient extensions to the scala-test library.




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