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Affordable, accurate communication through blinking for people with conditions that don't let them otherwise.

Demo: https://blink.now.sh

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2C1TL8X2ds

Hardware Setup

You'll need an Arduino, 1 megaohm resistor, and some leads. Wire the resistor between 2 and three, and add the lead to the foil on the pin 3 end.

Mount the headset on a baseball cap so it is right next to your eyesocket. Make sure it isn't touching, only when you blink.

Software Setup

  1. Install the server dependencies: cd backend, pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  2. Install the frontend dependencies: cd frontend, npm i


  1. Run the server: cd backend, python3 server.py
  2. Run the frontend: cd frontend, npm run dev


Blink uses a slightly modified version of Morse code. All letters are the same, but to advance to the next word, wait around 2 seconds, and to add a space, do ....-.

Special sequences:

  • To start running: ..--
  • To stop running: ......
  • Space: ....-
  • /: ---...
  • Backspace: .---.
  • GIPHY: ---... --. ....-

Built in 36 hours for PennApps XVI. By @kusti8, @lachlanjc, @shamdasani, and @praveenravi77. MIT licensed. Blink won the Health Route and the Most Unique Hack Award ($1k grant from 1517 Fund)