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中文说明 | DEMO

This is a Hexo blog theme with 'Material Design' and responsive design.


  • Simple and beautiful, and post is Beautiful and readable.
  • Material Design.
  • Responsive design,which can be displayed well on desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.
  • Changing 'banner' picture dynamically everday.
  • Blog posts list with waterflow(There will be 24 images if the articl dosn't have featured pictures).
  • Archive page with timeline.
  • Tags page of the word cloud and categories page of the radar chart
  • TOC
  • Comment module of Gitalk, Gitment and Disqus.(Gitalk is recommended)

Next development plans

  • Refactoring tags page as paginable
  • Refactoring Archives page as paginable
  • Add category page
  • Add about me page
  • Beautify the scroll bar
  • Integrated Gitalk comment
  • Add fork me on github in the upper right corner
  • Add the RSS feed
  • Add post detatil of TOC
  • At the bottom of the site, add statistics such as traffic(Theme users can implement based on Google Analytics, Baidu Statistics, LeanCloud, etc.)
  • design Index Page and support to add top posts
  • Add rewards function after the posts ends
  • Add a cute pet or growth tree for blogs, etc.(Can be implemented using the hexo-helper-live2d plugin)

Welcome to contribute!


You should have a Hexo blog when you see it here.If not,try to use the hexo and Markdown to write your blog and post. Click here to download master branch of the last stable version of the code.After decompressing,copy the hexo-theme-matery folder to your themes folder of your Hexo.Of course,you can uer Git clone to download in your themes folder.

git clone https://github.com/blinkfox/hexo-theme-matery.git


Modify theme

Modify the value of theme in _config.yml of Hexo's root folder: theme: hexo-theme-matery.

Suggestions for other changes to the _config.yml:

  • Please modify the value of url of _config.yml to your website's main URL (eg http://xxx.github.io).
  • Recommended modify the value of the two 'per_pageto be a multiple of6, such as: 12, 18`, etc. so that the posts list can be displayed well under each screen.
  • If you are a Chinese user, it is recommended to change the value of language to zh-CN.

new categories page

categories page is to show all of categories. If the source directory of your blog doesn't have categories/index.md file, you need to new one like this:

hexo new page "categories"

to edit your new page files/source/categories/index.md, you need somethings as follows:

title: categories
date: 2018-09-30 17:25:30
type: "categories"
layout: "categories"

new tags page

tags page is to show all of tags. If the source directory of your blog doesn't have tags/index.md file,you need to new one like this:

hexo new page "tags"

to edit your new page files/source/tags/index.md, you need somethings as follows:

title: tags
date: 2018-09-10 18:23:38
type: "tags"
layout: "tags"

new about page

about page is to show my blog and myself information. If the source directory of your blog doesn't have about/index.md file, you need to new one like this:

hexo new page "about"

to edit your new page files/source/about/index.md, you need somethings as follows:

title: about
date: 2018-09-30 17:25:30
type: "about"
layout: "about"

Code highlight

Hexo theme uses Hexo's pluginhexo-prism-plugin to show the code highlight instead of its own theme.The Installation commands are as follows:

npm i -S hexo-prism-plugin

Then,modify the value of highlight.enable to false in _config.yml file of Hexo root folder,and add the configuration of prism plugin as follows:

  enable: false

  mode: 'preprocess'    # realtime/preprocess
  theme: 'tomorrow'
  line_number: false    # default false


The theme uses the Hexo pluginhexo-generator-search to search the content,and the Installation commands are as follows:

npm install hexo-generator-search --save

Add configuration of _config.yml file in Hexo root folder as follows:

  path: search.xml
  field: post

Translate Chinese Link to Pinyin (Optional)

Defualt permalinks of Hexo will include Chinese if your atrticle's title is Chinese.But it's adverse to SEO,and gitment comments don't suport Chinese Link as well.We can use the hexo-permalink-pinyin of Hexo plugin to generate permalinks of Chinese Pinyin when generating posts.

Installation commands are as follows:

npm i hexo-permalink-pinyin --save

Add such configurations in _config.yml file of Hexo:

  enable: true
  separator: '-' # default: '-'

*Note:hexo-abbrlink can genarate non-Chinese link in addtion to this plugin.

Add RSS feed support (Optional)

The theme uses the Hexo pluginhexo-generator-feed to support RSS feed , and the Installation commands are as follows:

npm install hexo-generator-feed --save

Add configuration of _config.yml file in Hexo root folder as follows:

  type: atom
  path: atom.xml
  limit: 20
  content_limit: 140
  content_limit_delim: ' '
  order_by: -date

Execute hexo clean && hexo g to regenerate the blog file, and then you can see the atom.xml file in the public folder, indicating that you have successfully installed.

Modify social links

In the /layout/_partial/social-link.ejs file of the theme, you can modify or add the social link address you need. To add a link, please refer to the following code:

<a href="https://github.com/blinkfox" class="tooltipped" target="_blank" data-tooltip="访问我的GitHub" data-position="top" data-delay="50">
    <i class="fa fa-github"></i>

You can search social icon such as fa-github in Font Awesome.There are common social icons you can reference:

  • Facebook: fa-facebook
  • Twitter: fa-twitter
  • Google-plus: fa-google-plus
  • Linkedin: fa-linkedin
  • Tumblr: fa-tumblr
  • Medium: fa-medium
  • Slack: fa-slack
  • Sina Weibo: fa-weibo
  • Wechat: fa-wechat
  • QQ: fa-qq

Note: The version of Font Awesome is 4.5.0.

Post Front-matter example

The following are post Front-matter example,and all content is not required.But we still suggest you write the value of title.Of course ,you'd better write all of these information.

title: typora-vue-theme Theme introduction
date: 2018-09-07 09:25:00
author: Qi Zhao
img: /source/images/xxx.jpg # or:http://xxx.com/xxx.jpg
top: true # If top value is true, it will be the homepage recommendation post
categories: Markdown
  - Typora
  - Markdown

Note: post's featured piature will take remainder if not writing the img property,and chose the featured picture of theme to let all of post's picture have their own characteristics.




Home post list

Post page


Post's other parts

Custom modification

You can modify some custom modification in _config.yml as follows:

  • Menu
  • Inspirational quotes on Home
  • favicon and Logo
  • profiles
  • TOC
  • My Projects
  • My Skills
  • My Gallery
  • Gitalk, Gitment and Disqus
  • The map of default featured pictures. The theme will take remainde according to hashcode of post title if the post dose not set featured piactures.

I think everyone should have their own style and feature of blog。if you are not satisfiled with functions and theme color,you can modify by yourself,and more free functions and deatil need to be modified by modify source code when it is hard to be finished in _config.yml.

modeing theme color

Search .bg-color to modify background color in /source/css/matery.css in theme file:

/* The overall background color, including navigation, mobile navigation, footer, tab, etc.. */
.bg-color {
    background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #4cbf30 0%, #0f9d58 100%);

/* The color of the text with the same background color is only used in one place on the front page. You can also apply it to other places.*/
.text-color {
    color: #0f9d58 !important;

@-webkit-keyframes rainbow {
   /* Dynamically switch background colors. */

@keyframes rainbow {
    /* Dynamically switch background colors. */

Modify banner picture and post's featured pictures

You can change banner pictures in /source/medias/banner as you like .Theme code can switch dynamically every day and just need 7 pictures.If you master JavaScript,you can change it to your favorite swithing logic,such as Random switching.The code of switching banneris in <script></script> of /layout/_partial/bg-cover.ejsfile.

$('.bg-cover').css('background-image', 'url(/medias/banner/' + new Date().getDay() + '.jpg)');

There are 24 featured pictures in /source/medias/featureimages,you can add or delete,and modify it in _config.yml at the sametime.