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make get-deps - download dependencies

make compile - compile

make run - run in foreground

make daemon - run in background

make stop - stop

make progress - get current progress in %

make save - save results in text file

Input N-value and output filename are specified in prime.config


To make it work on several nodes (servers) the straightforward solution is:

  • On startup we must take some time for other nodes to connect
  • Connection from other (slave) nodes can be implemented similiarly with make target and escript, sending net_adm:ping
  • Most code from prime.erl will go to a manager_server.erl which will manage each respective node
  • Master should start supervised master_server on each slave node with help of erlang:nodes command
  • Computing can be started after some timeout or manually
  • Gathering of results can be implemented with gen_server:multi_call to managers

In order to make production system for similar task we should minimize usage of Erlang's internal message passing capabilities and use fault-tolerant message passing network service like RabbitMQ or other AMQP protocol implementation.

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