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Blink Shell Fonts

With Blink Shell you can have your terminal, your way. We know how important it is for you to have your color scheme and font that you feel comfortable looking at all day.

Although iOS now supports installing fonts at the OS level, the process is still cumbersome.

In this gallery you will find a wide range of fonts to use with Blink:

  • Nerd Fonts. - With an extended character set useful in new CLI text editors.
  • Normal fonts. - The same set of fonts without Nerd Font patches.

To install them, just paste the URL of the CSS font under Appearance -> Fonts -> New Font.

These fonts are based on the great work at the Nerd-Fonts repository, so to their maintainers goes all the credit.

For themes, check also the Themes Gallery.

You can also find about Blink's official repository.


All the included fonts should work right out of the box with Blink. A few of the fonts in this gallery were only designed in a single weight. Terminals now render bold, italic and bold-italic weights, and consequently we recommend using a font that includes all the variants. Using a font family that misses a specific weight will render ok but may misalign some elements. For example, using a font that misses bold will have Blink rendering bold with its own hints, which may give wider characters than the regular weight. You can disable this behavior within Settings > Fonts, with the "Enable bold as bright" switch.

To help you select a complete font, we have referenced here all the supported weights: r = regular; b = bold; i = italic; bi = bold-italic

Font Name Font Name and Repository ver Weights
3270 Nerd Font 3270 3.0.1 r
Agave Agave 37 r,b
AnonymicePro Nerd Font Anonymous Pro 1.002 r,b,i,bi
Arimo Arimo 1.33 r,b,i,bi
Aurulent Sans Mono Nerd Font Stephen G. Hartke r
BigBlueTerminal VileR r
Bitstrom Wera Nerd Font Bitstream Inc 1.1 r,b,i,bi
Blex Mono IBM Plex Mono 2.3 r,b,i,bi
Caskaydia Cove Nerd Font Cascadia Code 2111.01 r,b,i,bi
Code New Roman Nerd Font Sam Radian 2.0 r,b,i
Comic Shanns Mono Nerd Font Comic Shanns Mono 1.3 r,b
Cousine Nerd Font Cousine 1.211 r,b,i,bi
DaddyTimeMono DaddyTimeMono 1.2.3 r
DejaVu Sans Mono Nerd Font DejaVu 2.37 r,b,i,bi
Droid Sans Mono Nerd Font Ascender Corp 1.00-113 r
Envy Code R Nerd Font Envy Code R 0.79 r,b,i
Fantasque Sans Nerd Font Fantasque Sans 1.8.0 r,b,i,bi
Fira Code Nerd Font Fira Code 6.2 r,b
Fira Mono Nerd Font Fira 3.206 r,b
Go Mono Nerd Font Go-Mono 2.010 r,b,i,bi
Gohu Nerd Font Gohu TTF,Gohu 2.0 r
Hack Nerd Font Hack 3.003 r,b,i,bi
Hasklug Nerd Font Hasklig 1.2 r,b,i,bi
Heavy Data Mono Nerd Font Vic Fieger 1 r
Hurmit Nerd Font Hermit 2.0 r,b,i,bi
iM-Writing iA-Writer Dec 2018 r,b,i,bi
Inconsolata Nerd Font Inconsolata 3.000 r,b,i,bi
Intone Mono Nerd Font Intel One Mono 1.2.1 r,b,i,bi
Iosevka Nerd Font Iosevka 22.1.0 r,b,i
Iosevka Term Nerd Font Iosevka Term 22.1.0 r,b,i,bi
JetBrains Mono JetBrains Mono 2.304 r,b,i,bi
Lekton Nerd Font Lekton 34 r,b,i
Literation Mono Nerd Font Liberation 2.1.5 r,b,i,bi
Lilex Nerd Font Lilex 2.000 r,b
Meslo Nerd Font Meslo 1.21 r,b,i,bi
Monofur Nerd Font Tobias B Koehler 1.0 r,b,i
Monoid Nerd Font Monoid 0.61 r,b,i
Mononoki Nerd Font Mononoki 1.6 r,b,i,bi
M+ (MPlus) Nerd Font M+ Fonts 2023/03 r,b
Noto Noto div r,b
OpenDyslexic OpenDyslexic 2.001 r,b,i,bi
Overpass Overpass 3.0.5 r,b
ProFont (x11) Nerd Font ProFont 2.2 r
ProggyClean Nerd Font Tristan Grimmer 2004/04/15 r
Roboto Mono Roboto Mono 3.0 r,b,i,bi
Sauce Code Nerd Font Source 2.038 r,b,i,bi
Shure Tech Mono Nerd Font Share Tech Mono 1.003 r
Space Mono Nerd Font Space Mono 1.001 r,b,i,bi
Terminess Nerd Font Terminus TTF 4.49.2 r,b,i,bi
Tinos Tinos 1.23 r,b,i,bi
Ubuntu Mono Nerd Font Ubuntu Font 0.80 r,b,i,bi
Victor Mono Victor Mono 1.5.4 r,b,i,bi


This repository consists of the script and the JSON feeds that point to locations where to download the font families. At the moment, the feeds will read from the Nerd Fonts repository to package all the variants as CSS files by Blink. The output CSS fonts are subsequently stored into two collections: patched and unpatched. Because files are really heavy, these collections are submodules to handle them as their own repositories.

Our plan is to keep our main feeds tied to the Nerd Fonts collection, and we accept new feeds for other fonts or collections.

If you want to maintain your own font repository, send it to us and we will link it here as well.

How to help us keep fonts updated

  • If you need a specific font updated immediately, you can run the script yourself for that unique font within your machine, and then submit the specific font CSS as a PR for everyone else to take advantage of it.
  • Help us create GH Actions to run these scripts. We will keep all fonts updated manually, but help automating and even using other repositories changes to trigger GitHub Actions may be more convenient.

How to help by adding a new font

Before adding a new font to the repository, there are a few things to take into account:

  • Make sure you are using a Mono variant. Monospaced fonts sometimes may include larger icons or Proportional variants. Although Blink can render them, you will experience issues in some contexts, so it is better to stick to the Mono variant.
  • Include all the font weights if available.
  • If a font comes with and witout ligatures, create a new font as the ligature variant and name it "with Ligatures".
  • Beware of licenses.

To add a new font:

  • If the font is already included within the Nerd Fonts aggregator, and we missed it, just add it to the corresponding patched-fonts.json or unpatched-fonts.json feeds.
  • If the font is in a different GitHub repository, you can create a different feed for it and maintain it under a different repository. In that case, make sure to add the proper base_url within the main script.


This repository is a re-purpose of the Nerd-Fonts fonts repository. The license is hence inherited from it, including the MIT license for our scripts. See LICENSE.


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