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Blinktrade Bitcoin Exchange

Technologies we are using

Install the pre-requesites

1 - Install Git, Ruby anda Java, in case you don't have them yet.

2 - Once installed these dependecies, open up the terminal and install Jekyll with the following commands.

$ gem install jekyll:2.5.3

2 - Install jekyll multiple languages plugin

$ gem install jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin:1.2.9

How to run the exchange locally

1 - Fork the repo

2 - Rename it to exchange or any name you wish. Let's use exchange for this example

3 - clone your new repo

$ git clone
$ cd exchange

4 - Create a symbolic link to some _config.foxbit.yml files

$ ln -s _config.demo.yml _config.yml

5 - And finally run:

$ jekyll server --watch

You'll have access to the website at localhost:4000

How to run the exchange on github pages

1 - Make sure that you have node and npm installed.

2 - Install the node dependencies to deploy.

npm install

3 - Deploy with gulp $ gulp deploy and follows the prompt instructions.

4 - Open your browser and point it to

How build the javascript application

Only needed in case you changed the ./jsdev application.

Compile all Javascript

It will compile for all themes and languages.


Compile a specific theme or language

The defaults are US english (en_US) and the default theme ('default'), but can be overriden. To build the british english version with a custom theme:

$ cd ./jsdev 
$ LANG=en_GB THEME=custom sh

Browser Support

IE Chrome Firefox Opera Safari
IE 11+ Latest Latest Latest Latest

File Structure

The file structure for the project is organized in the following way:

|-- _includes
|-- _layouts
|-- _posts
|-- _config.yml
|-- jsdev
  |-- bitex
  |-- closure-bootstrap
  |-- closure-library
  |-- externs
  |-- scottlogic/chart
  |-- tools
  |-- translations
  |-- uniform
|-- themes
  |-- default
  |-- ander
|-- assets
|-- index.html


They're blocks of code used to generate the main page of the site (index.html).


Here you'll find the default template of the application.


Here you'll find a list of files for each post.


It stores most of the settings of the application.


The static html page


The google closure javascript application


Images, CSS, Compiled Javascripts, Fonts and all static content.



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