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How to compile (Linux)

Make sure CMake and the development libraries for SDL, OpenAL and Vorbis are installed. In Debian-based systems, you need to install the following packages:

sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev libopenal-dev libvorbis-dev

Then simply issue

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

How to compile (Windows with VS2008)

Download and install the required libraries:

In Visual Studio add to your include-paths:

  • ...\libvorbis-1.3.1\include
  • ...\libogg-1.2.0\include
  • C:\Program Files\OpenAL 1.1 SDK\include
  • ...\SDL-1.2.14_VC8\include
  • ...\SDL_mixer-1.2.11\include

In Visual Studio add to your library-paths:

  • ...\libvorbis-1.3.1\win32\VS2008\libvorbisfile\Win32\Debug
  • ...\libogg-1.2.0\win32\VS2008\Win32\Debug
  • ...\libvorbis-1.3.1\win32\VS2008\libvorbis\Win32\Debug
  • C:\Program Files\OpenAL 1.1 SDK\libs\Win32
  • ...\SDL_mixer-1.2.11\lib
  • ...\SDL-1.2.14_VC8\lib

Open gish.sln and compile.

You will need the following files to be present:

  • OpenAL32.dll

How to compile (Mac OS X)

Open the Xcode project in the main directory. 'Get info' on the Gish executable and change its working directory to "Project Directory" If the build fails, check the dependencies. The Xcode project currently does not use the ./externals directory:

  • Frameworks: Cocoa, SDL, OpenAL, Ogg, Vorbis Ogg and Vorbis Frameworks built from from and installed in /Library/Frameworks/.
  • libpng; macports is an option. Change appropriate search paths: Change (Gish target -> get info -> "Header Search Paths") to point to libpng headers. (e.g. /opt/local/include/libpng14/) Using recursive header search of /opt/local/include may slow things down or present conflicts, not recommended.

Note: If you own the original assets, you can use them simply by changing the working directory mentioned above to /Applications/ An note of caution, this will use the original apps user file as well.

How to play

Simply run ./gish or gish.exe. There are some assets included (codenamed the FreeGish project), making Gish a completely free game! There is also one level available, freegish.lvl, you'll find it under "Custom Levels". Try it and replace what you don't like.

If you own the original assets, you may also copy those into this directory. You'll need:

  • animation
  • level
  • music
  • sound
  • texture
  • tile01 ... tile07

Note: this branch has been merged with SysLord, who added a few fun features, documented in Note-SysLord.markdown

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