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*vimboy.txt*  For Vim version 7.0 or later.                           *vimboy*

Vimboy - a dead simple personal wiki plugin~

With Vimboy, you can create personal, local wikis. In buffers with the
'filetype' "vimboy", all file names that appear in the buffer link to the
respective files in the same directory. In autolink-mode, this happens as
soon as a filename appears in the text. Otherwise, in bracket-mode, surround
the filenames with [square brackets].

The name stems from GNOME's Tomboy, which has similar features.

INSTALLATION                                             *vimboy-installation*

Install using your favorite package manager. If you don't have a favorite, I'd
suggest "minpac":

CONFIGURATION                                           *vimboy-configuration*

It is convenient to declare your wiki directories in your vimrc like this: >
    au bufread,bufnewfile ~/path/to/wiki/* set ft=vimboy

Set the variable *g:vimboy_autolink* to 0 to disable autolink-mode. Default is 1. >
    let g:vimboy_autolink=0

Set the variable *g:vimboy_hl_deadlinks* to 1 to highlight dead links (links
to non-existing files). Works only if autolink-mode is off. Default is 0. >
    let g:vimboy_hl_deadlinks=1

Set the variable *g:vimboy_tabmode* to 1 to open pages in new tabs instead of
new buffers. But you should probably start using buffers directly instead.
Default is 0. >
    let g:vimboy_tabmode=1

USAGE                                                           *vimboy-usage*

To start a wiki, create a new file in your wiki directory, like "Main Page".

To create a new page in autolink-mode, visually select one or more words and
press <CR>, or press <CR> on one word in Normal mode. In bracket-mode, just
create a dead link by surrounding the new page name with brackets, then follow
the newly-created link.

To follow a link, put the cursor on it and press <CR> in Normal mode, or
double-click it.

To delete a page, use <Leader>wd (by default: \wd) - think of "wiki delete".

TIPS                                                             *vimboy-tips*

- Filename completion (|i_CTRL-X_CTRL-F|) is awesome for completing links!
- Use hard- or softlinks of your OS for page aliases.
- How you format your text is up to you! If you like to use Markdown, you can
  set the 'filetype' to "markdown.vimboy" to get syntax highlighting for both.
- Put your wiki directory under version control to get a history and make it
- To use Vimboy on your phone, I'd suggest installing a terminal emulator,
  like Termux for Android devices and just using Vim and Git directly.



A dead simple personal wiki plugin for Vim






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