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Wikidata Guessr
Guess the locations of random Wikidata items with a photo and a coordinate!
Guess the locations of random Wikidata items!
Based on [whereami](, a GeoGuessr reimplementation by [Brian Kinney](
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<span class='round'>Current Round: <b>1/5</b></span><br/>
<span class='roundScore'>Last Round Score: <b>0</b></span><br/>
<span class='totalScore'>Total Score: <b>0</b></span><br />
<span><a href="">Source code on GitHub</a></span>
<span><a href="">View project on GitHub</a></span>
<div id='miniMap'></div>
<div id='guessButton' class="btn btn-large btn-danger">Make Your Guess</div>

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