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Neverwell Moor

An entry for the Liberated Pixel Cup 2012


$ git clone

For development information, see my blog:


This code is released to the public under a dual license. The full license texts are available as follows:

For asset license information, please see AUTHORS.txt. For more details license information, please see resources.js (Or watch the end credits!)

Game Information

Rachel is 15 years old. She grew up hearing stories of a strange island called "Neverwell", told by her grandfather ("Papa" to Rachel). Rachel was 5 at the time, and the stories were always something adventurous and entertaining. Papa would tell her about the inhabitants of the island, and how they could perform magic. He would fight monsters while hunting for treasures buried in deep caves. There were so many details in his stories that he had to set some of his adventures on smaller islands around Neverwell.

Papa died shortly after, and it's been 10 years, so she doesn't remember all of the stories he told. But she remembers important details like the eponymous moor, which was a very dangerous place, but that it held some kind of secret... Perhaps the secret to the inhabitants magic? But that was a long time ago, and they were just stories. Everyone knows there is only one island, and they call it "Earth."

So Rachel sets off on a day like any other, but, feeling a little adventurous, she decides to help a friend. That kind gesture leads to a series of quests which eventually lands Rachel on Neverwell; a place that isn't supposed to exist...



  • A browser supporting HTML5 canvas; Chromium, Firefox, Opera, Safari, ...
  • An HTTP server that supports byte ranges; Apache, Nginx, ...

Easy mode

Just go to the snapshot ;)

Level Editor

Use Tiled to edit the maps. Version 0.9 was used to run the automapping rules, which as of this writing is still in beta.


A prototype RPG built in 3 weeks for Liberated Pixel Cup 2012




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