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command-line tools for interacting with thimbl
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group and name encodings for easy changing
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attic Redseigned Thimbl daemon
doc generally messy mods
examples profile mods
lisp lisp mods
website Improved error handling.
.gitignore - it now installs the module
INSTALL Test change - nothing significant
README doc fixes
eproject Added eproject and changed finger algorithm
granch.rb experimenting with websites with github and grancher
gthimbl.pyw Added back a simple GUI Cleaned up installation process
thimbl Added READ command. climbl -> thimbl modify comment of an encoding group
thimbl.wxg lisp mods


Thimbl is a set of client-side tools for a distributed open source
microblogging platform. Thimbl-CLI is a set of command-line tools, and
is more modest in its ambitions than the whole of the Thimbl project.



In this repo: ./website/index.html
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