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Via NuGet

The simplest way to install Synthesis is via NuGet. Simply click install, then go review the App_Config/Synthesis.config and make any changes you wish to before doing your first generation.

Manual Installation

Manual installation of Synthesis is designed to be as self-contained as possible, and is therefore quite easy to install. Copy one configuration file, one assembly, and (optionally) register a HttpHandler and HttpModule and you’re done. It doesn’t scatter files all over your Sitecore installation, and it needs not a single item created in Sitecore to do its job. To install Synthesis:

  • Copy Synthesis*.config to your site’s App_Config/Include folder
  • Copy Synthesis.dll to your site’s /bin folder or add a reference to it on your web project in Visual Studio
  • That’s it – you’re done. You’ll probably want to read the next section about configuration though, as the default configuration will work but may not be how you want it.
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