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Manually Adding a Module

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Modules are special archives with a .bhm (Blish HUD Module) file extension. Modules can be manually installed by placing them into your Modules directory.

After your first launch of Blish HUD, a number of directories will be automatically generated that can be found at Documents\Guild Wars 2\addons\blishhud\. Inside of this directory is a folder called Modules. While Blish HUD is closed, place the .bhm file into this directory.

When you launch Blish HUD again, the module you added will now show under Module Settings in the Blish HUD settings window. From here, you can select the module and select "Enable" which will enable the module.

How to Use Blish HUD


Standard vs. Sentry Releases


Manually Adding a Module

Pathing (Markers & Trails)

Pathing Activators

Blish HUD Development


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