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@@ -104,10 +104,11 @@ public static function usage()
This addon will serve a file as a file, not a page. This means PDF's will download automatically. It also goes some way in hiding where all these files live on your server.
Step 1. Insert this in a template (e.g. /site/download/):
-{exp:download_file:serve restricted="" prepend="mysite_"}
+{exp:download_file:serve restricted="" prepend="mysite_" remove_path="/assets/"}
Note: only use the restricted parameter if you want to prevent hotlinking
Note: only use the prepend parameter if you want to add a string to the front of the files you are serving
+Note: if you don't use "remove_path" the path to your files will be viewable within the filename
Step 2. Bang this in your link:
<a href="{exp:download_file:link file='/downloads/file.pdf' template='/site/download' remove=''}">Download</a>

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